Fresh and Fun New Animated Lines! A Perfect Compliment To Your Whiteboard Videos!
Version 1.2 is here! Updated video coming soon. Version 1.2 included the ability to draw with photo-realistic hands and other objects. Version 1.2 also includes a new search feature and 400+ new free doodle images all searchable by keywords. A sample pack from the amazing folks at Doodle Labs is also included plus hands that can draw in the images in their signature style. Plus much more added as well!
Groove Animator
Groove Animator Details:
Line & Stroke Animations 
Animate text and images with Groove Animator's animated line, animated multi-colored lines, and animated dashed line features.
Draw Lines With Pencils Pens & More!
Use "Draw Objects" to draw lines in similar to Whiteboard programs only you can control how the "Draw Objects" animation into and off of the stage before and after the lines are drawn with the "Draw Object"
Over 400 Images Included
Groove Animator comes with over 400 images built into the app so that you can get started animating right away! Plus there over 1000 bonus images included in the member area!
Text AND Video documentation
Groove Animator animator includes text animations, video tutorials, and a growing series of videos on cool things you can do with Groove Animator PLUS we show you how to use Groove Animator to optimize conversions in Whiteboard videos. 
Free Updates!
We have a lot of cool features we plan to add to Groove Animator so you will get numerous updates to Groove Animator at no additional charge! We've already updated to version 1.2!!!
Personal and Developer Rights Included!
Groove Animator 1.2 Demo
Groove Animator 1.0 Demo (Shows Features Not Shown in 1.2 Demo)
Groove Animator
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